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Is He Showing Signs of Being A Cheat? Take The Cheating Boyfriend Test... block out 1

Wouldn't it be great to spot cheating boyfriends before they did the deed? To save yourself the heartache, take this test and find out if your guy shows the signs of being the cheating type. The more cheating boyfriends characteristics they have, the more likely they are to cheat on you. Read through each of the scenarios and count one point for each cheating boyfriends characteristic he displays, and check the total at the end.

1. What's his history?
a. he's an only child, with spoiled brat syndrome.
b. he never works too hard to achieve things
c. he's cheated before.

2. What's his charm factor?
a. he can talk his way round anybody better than a used car salesman to get what he wants.
b. he is an indiscriminate smarmy charmer, from your mum to the checkout girl.
c. he is an attention black-hole and can never have enough.

3. What are his opportunities to cheat?
a. he spends most of his time with women, at work or college or socially.
b. he has late night sessions with women, maybe to finish a project or meet a deadline.
c. he goes away on trips with women.

4. What are his mates like?
a. he hangs out with single men.
b. he goes along with his mates' ideas and schemes.
c. his mates have difficulty holding down a relationship.

5. What is his attitude to risk?
a. he loves a challenge
b. he wants excitement and novelty over and above intimacy.
c. he's always after the next goal or achievement.

What did he score?
0-5 - although he's scored a few points, he really doesn't fit the cheating boyfriends profile. You can breathe easy!
6-9 - he's showing a few of the traits of being the cheating type, so keep your wits about you. Don't go accusing him of having affairs unless you have good reason - trust your instincts!
10-15 - oh dear, you've got potential boy-trouble here! You could consider having a discussion about being faithful and what that means to each of you. You need to have similar views if your relationship is going to work!

His History. If he shows these traits, it's likely that he's used to having his way and will take things for granted, including you. If he has overlapped his previous relationships it's likely he will do it again. On the flip-side, people can change, so if he claims he's a changed man, take a hard look at how he reacts when he upsets someone. If he feels responsible and does something to sort it, then maybe the leopard has changed its spots!

The Charm Factor. Charismatic guys thrive on attention and one woman may simply not be able to give enough of it. You fell for his charm, so why not others? To be fair, how does he treat you at parties? If he introduces you and includes you in discussions, then you're okay but if he dumps you the minute you get in the door you might want to slow things down. You don't want to be another notch on the bedpost!

Opportunity. The spirit may be planning to be faithful, but the flesh may be weak when presented with an opportunity to cheat. The more opportunities, the more likely he is to succumb to temptation. But, if he keeps contacting you when you're apart, it's likely you're the number one lady on his mind.

His Mates. Peer pressure is a powerful force and if his mates are footloose and fancy free, they are going to want your guy to be that way too. One way to counter this is to get to know his mates and earn their respect - they will be less likely to push your guy into compromising situations.

Risk. If he's a big risk-taker, he will enjoy the thrill of the chase and may get bored with his catch. Testosterone is the hormone that regulates sex drive and his "manly" behavior, so it may be you are competing with his body not his mind! Match him high for high and keep the excitement in your relationship and you will be fine.



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